You need to be using Pinterest as a small business owner. It’s not just for those with a blog, but it sure does help. In this post, we’ll share our top 5 tips to raise your views on Pinterest and traffic on the website.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is not a forum for social media; it really is a search engine. What this also means is your Pins will be able to gain traffic for a much longer period. For a Facebook post, the active period is 3 hours and the active period for a Pinterest pin is 3 months! Why wouldn’t you want the small business to capitalize on that?

If you don’t have a blog, what do you pin?

You can pin down your items, sign up for your email newsletter, your services, your Facebook group, and your Instagram account. You can pin up and promote anything that links back to your company you like! A blog is great to have fresh content to pin but when it comes to Pinterest’s success it is not absolutely necessary.

Tip 1 – Focus on SEO

SEO is very critical for performance since Pinterest is a search engine. You can customize your profile, names of your board, details of the pins. You need to wonder what your target audience will use when trying to find your circle. This is where awareness fits into your target market!

Don’t just pin the name of your company as the pin title, spice it up a little and scatter keywords all over.

Our profile on Pinterest is not just “AMEYAMARKETING” as an example of how to customize your profile, so people looking for marketing social media or small business tips can find our profile more quickly.

Tip 2 – Your Boards

Not only should your board titles and explanations be tailored but they also need to speak to and attract your target audience. Selling hand-made baby clothes to moms? Think about them. You may have boards for things like “SEO SERVICES,” “SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS,” “BUSINESS TIPS,” “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING” in that example.

Tip 3 – Your Pin Images

Beautiful images with a pin are significant. If you’re an Etsy seller, don’t just pin your product images straight from Etsy or your website, spice it up a little by adding your logo, some text, and/or a call to action, you want to make engaging pins that are visually pleasing so more people will want to upload them to their account, and you’ll get more people clicking on the pin to see your product, website, etc.

Tip 4 – Using Tailwind

Pinterest Tailwind enough! In terms of pinning and scheduling it not only saves so much time, but it has so much more than that. What are the benefits of making use of Tailwind?

Tailwind Tribes
Smart Loops :–

If you have an amazing pin that you want to add to multiple boards, you don’t want to post it all at once on every board, you want to space it out so you’re not spam. Plus, when it comes to group boards, smart loops will repin the same pin automatically to group boards at the timeline you pick. This saves so much time and there’s no need to keep track of what and when you’ve pinned to which wall. Smart Loops will do it for you!

– The Tailwind Tribes feature is somewhat similar to group boards but even better. You are joining tribes that suit your niche, adding your pins to the tribe, sharing the content of others from the tribe and growing your followers in that way. That is a win-win! You’re sharing your content and you’re also finding great content to share from others.

When to Post:–

Tailwind lets you build a pinning schedule when you’ve got the most activity on your account at the best times.

Tip 5 – Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are still a thing and can help a much wider audience see your pins, particularly if you just start with a new Pinterest account. You want to join active group boards, speak to your target audience and fit your type of pins. It can take a bit of time and research to find the right group boards for your audience, but once you find the ones that work, it can make a huge difference in your Pinterest growth!