Call to Action Buttons

Do you find that your leads and prospects do not take the next step in your sales process, whether that is buying or just asking for more information? A weak or nonexistent call to action could be the problem.

What Is a Call to Action?

Website call-to-action is (CTA) buttons put on blogger website or landing page to prompt visitors to push towards a conversion. Buttons are the part of the landing page allowing users to click on a valuable offer to take action.

Below are some examples of call-to-action on the website: 

  • Download your
  • Free Ebook!
  • Register for a Free Trial!
  • Order on now!
  • Seize your Free Course!
  • Take 50% off now!
  • Typical Call to Action Words and Phrases 
Call to action phrases includes action verbs
such as: 
  • Sign up 
  • Register 
  • Request Pay Donate 
  • Buy 
  • Order 
  • Post 
  • Follow
  • Share
  • Download

Click here for One useful tactic to get people to hurry is to create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out.

For Example:
  • Offer expires on Halloween 
  • Limited Time Offer 
  • Act now before supplies run out 
  • React before July 30 to register for this special offer: 
How to Create the Perfect Call to Action?

Here are things to consider when creating a direct call for action to improve your response rates:

If you read your advertisement or call to action marketing materials, do not assume people know what to do. By being specific about what the prospect wants to do next, you will get more results.

Have a CTA on all this. Ensure each page of your website, each sales conversation rate and each piece of printed material (i.e., direct mail or brochures) includes a clearly defined and easily identifiable call to action. If you’re an author, have a CTA to read another related article at the end of your blog post, check out your company or an affiliate product, or sign up for your email list. Check out marketing materials and blogs of established companies for suggestions on CTAs to see how they express their call to action.

Ask them to take the next step each time you are in front of your lead or prospect, whether this is to read more, give feedback, sign up, or buy.

Keep it easy. Action calls work best when not difficult. Don’t let your potential customers and clients go through a labyrinth or jump through hoops. Although giving options is nice (i.e. “Call or email us”), do not give them so many options or make it hard for them to maintain with what you want them to do. 

Just what the outcome you want it to be. Have an end goal for each CTA, and how that CTA will suit certain aspects of your marketing plan or get them into your sales funnel. 

For example,

if you sign up for your email list, which is the initial goal, you might have a call to action to get a freebie. However, you may use that email list to send sales emails with a “Purchase Now” action message. You may even have an upsell after the sale, with another call to action. In this case, the first step towards the ultimate goal of a sale is an email subscription.

Tips for an effective call for action A number of good practices exist for developing an effective CTA.

Explain clearly what the customer needs to do to respond (i.e., “Subscribe here,” “Call now for a free consultation,” “Buy now”). Clearly state what the consumer will get by answering (i.e. a free report on how to save $100 a week, free consultation, free admission to a webinar on how to save money).

Reflect on the benefits of acting (i.e. saving money now, getting help now).
Offer the customer a good reason to respond now or by the deadline (i.e., this report is only free for the next 24 hours).

You should separate the call to action when doing a written piece or creating a website or an email marketing campaign by making it bigger, using a different color, and illustrating it with extra white space. Do not let the rest of the marketing piece or content go missing.

Often, when making an in-person presentation, you can use calls to action, such as as saying, “How many would you like to order today?” 

Track outcomes 

Like many other marketing strategies, testing different solutions means that you get maximum results. The same goes for calls to action. For example, do you get more email sign-ups with “Subscribe Now” or “Get Your Free Report Now?” 

The Best CTA Button Plugins 

Your main goal is to attract new users to your website but to turn them into customers and subscribers.

  • Plugins to do the job. 
  • Wp CSS button Creator 
  • All in one button 
  • Universal CSS buttons 
  • Bootstrap button 
  • Metro button 
  • Animated button with CSS3 stand buttons 
  • Maxbuttons (My 1 # Recommendation) 
  • Button X