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The update will be officially known as “May 2020 Core Update”

Google was one step ahead of the SEO community when it comes to naming these changes, as the company is now defaulting to a common method of naming for the month / year.

The May 2020 Core Update is now rolling out.

Second Core Update in 2020:

This is Google’s second verified update so far from 2020, with the first being launched back in January.Feels like a lifetime ago considering how the world has changed between now and then.That said, this effectively answers any questions as to whether Google will pause the core updates in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.The answer is: no. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I’ll explain why throughout this post.

The Purpose of Core Updates:

Wide core updates are designed to produce widely visible effects in all languages across the search results across all countries.Once a key update rolls out, sites will likely note declines or increases in search rankings.
Changes in search rankings are typically a representation of the relevance of content.

That if content has gained popularity in rankings after the last update it will be pushed higher up. And the opposite is real, too.Then there are newly published content which did not exist at the time of the last update. That all has to be reassessed against already existing content.

Rankings can switch around quite a bit, to put it simply.The May 2020 Core Update has the potential to be especially unpredictable with this being the first update since the pandemic.

First Core Update Since COVID-19:

In the second week of January 2020 the last core update was released.Coronavirus and COVID-19 had barely been on anybody’s radar at the moment. That could not be any farther from the reality now.The environment changed rapidly when coronavirus was declared a pandemic that came with drastic changes in the search behaviour of the users.
Google said earlier today that there have never been so many searches for a single subject as COVID-19 has changed what Google search results require of people.

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If it is searching for information about the virus itself, or sites providing remote services, or where to purchase online much-needed products.There are several items gaining relevance that previously weren’t as important to searchers.

Conversely, once highly important groups aren’t being looked for as much.

For starters – travel-related searches, leisure, live entertainment and personal events are all down. To mention only a handful.

Google is facing the daunting challenge of keeping up with how the world is searching with the May 2020 key update.Over time we’ll see if it’s easier for people to find the information they need through Google Search.

Boon to SEO Job Market?

If the May 2020 Core Update ends up being as strong as it holds the ability to be, it may be fantastic for SEOs.It’s no secret that companies are laid off workers in the midst of economic crisis and consumers are pausing for services.Services offered by SEOs are extremely useful at any time an update of the algorithm takes place.

The more unreliable the upgrade will become, the more important such services will become.Which means SEOs can soon find themselves in a position where demand for their work is rising significantly.Will be fascinating to see how many companies suddenly have space in their SEO budget when the May 2020 Core Update is completely rolled out.

May 2020 Core Update: What is to be done:

Google’s guidance on this update remains exactly the same as any major updates in the past.Historically, Google has always said that there is nothing to “fix” if rankings drop after a core update.Instead, site owners are routinely advised to make their content the best it can be.Google’s guidance on how to deal with the effect of a core update has several more meanings.