Blogs have become one of the most interesting and popular outlets where individuals can sell their goods, give advice or simply publish their daily lives. But what’s the point of having a blog, if nobody reads it?

There are many reasons why you would like to increase your blog traffic. It could be getting more public exposure or showing off your skills for monetary reasons. Bloggers want to see create, evolve, and expand their pages.


Here are 7 simple ways to make your blog more traffic.

1. Optimize Your Content

To draw optimal traffic, the initial structuring of a blog will develop around developing it. You should customize the blog pages to cater to readers and potential buyers. This can be done by organizing content by placing it in categories that will allow readers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. It includes transcripts, charts and bullet points.

Search engines take up related content patterns so include keywords and keyword phrases. If in this way you focus a little on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog, you are likely to get more blog traffic on the search engines.

2. Define Your Audience

The most important question that a blogger might ask themselves is, Who will read my blog? Focus your material on what’s the basis for your blog. So consider the target audience carefully, and directly address the audience. If you write what they want to read they are quite likely to recommend your content to their peers. You might already have a good idea who’s reading your blog through, for example, a quick look at your Twitter followers. But to get a better insight you could sign up for visitors to your blog traffic at Alexa.com or Quantcast.com to see in-depth information, such as the gender or browsing venue.

3. Ensure the Blog Works Properly

Whatever the number of readers that hit a blog, if the blog doesn’t work as it should, visitors won’t stay, and in most cases won’t return. Visiting your site and finding the page fails to load can be frustrating and off-putting for readers. One way to find a trustworthy Web host is through a free service that WhoIsHostingThis.com provides. Find a high-performance web host that loads your web pages quickly and by providing a regularly available site; you’ll be on your way to impressing visitors. It is worth keeping in mind that if it takes longer than two seconds to load, Google will penalize your website or blog in their search rankings or blog.

4. Advertise!

It always helps get the word out about your blog and advertisement is the best way to do that. There are two main advertising types; paid, and free.

Free Advertising

There are ways to get your blog promoted without charging for it. For example, social media word of mouth. There are certain monetary benefits to doing this. If you don’t have one already, get a profile set up on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ – all of these are free. Being active with different groups that are interested in the subject being discussed on your blog is a perfect way to get free publicity. If you share posts from other people by a few quick clicks on Twitter your own content may be shared in turn.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads can be costly. There are three main types of paid internet advertising

  1. Advertisements on search engines (such as Google Adwords)
  2. 2. Social media ads with Facebook adverts
  3. Banner ads on other blogs or websites

Maybe one of the simplest types of paid advertising in the blogosphere is to support or buy advertisements on another blog. Search for ads on pages that you see as having readers close to your own-but hopefully more blog traffic. You will be approaching potential readers directly for your own blog.

5. Submit the Blog to Search Engines

All major search engines have connected sites dedicated to allowing users to submit URLs to their engines. You can also add the site to directories. This can be done manually, or you can employ companies to do the submissions for you. The tests are not happening immediately.

 It may take weeks for the blog to show up, sometimes. Yet allowing the search engines to crawl it and pick it up in somebody’s search results is a good way to.

6. Use Tactics to Grab Your Readers Attention

Think about something that might be unique to your website and useful to your readers when writing a blog entry. This can be understandably tricky. But you could still write about something that has already been discussed by other writers, so make your version unique and better than existing posts-maybe from a different angle.

Create a specific write tone for you and your blog. That will make your content unique and unforgettable. Always, make sure that your articles are researched excellently to really please the readers.

7. Keep Your Blog Fresh

Update your blog frequently. Spend some quality time maintaining the fresh and interesting material. Also, don’t let your template stagnate. Every now and then it will need a re-vamp-an an updated design will raise blog traffic. Creates an engaging blog atmosphere filled with facts and information that are eye-opening.

Think about the blogs: you love and model your own recipe for blogging after them.

It takes patience, time and attention to have a common, productive blog. It also requires hard work and determination. Some of this is luck too, but following such easy pointers will help you on your way. Just be consistent and diligent-stay on with it. Basically, you’ll see what results you want.