9 Secrets & Tricks to Get More Social Media Followers in 2020

Nowadays getting followers on social media is not the possible thing easily.

Let’s just admit it. We all say we don’t care about the number of followers we’ve on social networks…but we all do!

If you’re a mature digital marketer, you recognize that follower count isn’t any guarantee of the worth of a social media account. But at an equivalent time, you furthermore may know having tons of followers is way from worthless.

Like it or not, people do check out your follower numbers, which affects their decision to follow you. Additionally, the more followers you’ve got, the larger the potential reach and influence you’ve got (provided those followers are real and relevant to your business).

There is no scarcity of posts and guides online about the way to build social media followings, so what’s different about this one?

I’ve boiled it right down to just nine essential tactics that meet the subsequent requirements:

Here are 9 Secrets & Tricks Of Social Media

1. Follow Legitimate, Relevant Accounts

To get followed, you want to first be an honest follower. Finding and following accounts of real people and businesses that are relevant to your business may be the first essential step to putting together your own following, and maybe a necessary base to form several of the opposite tactics listed here effective.

In some cases just doing this may get you followed back by a number of these users, especially if your profile is totally filled out and your feed is filled with valuable and relevant posts.

But more importantly, following good, active accounts in your business vertical will offer you a base of individuals with whom to interact, which as we’ll see below has value in several alternative ways for follower growth.

Tools exist to assist you to discover such accounts (for example Followerwonk, ManageFlitter, and Audience, but they have a tendency to be Twitter-centric because that network has more open data than most others. But you’ll do your own hunting, and sometimes that turns up the simplest people to follow anyway

Some ways to hunt good accounts to follow:

  • Look at who influencers follow.
  • Check out Twitter lists.
  • “Best People to Follow on…” lists.
  • Join groups and communities
2. Have Something to Show & Share

If you would like to be worth following, there has got to be some “there” there. You’ve got to possess some substance to your profile.

Your best followers are going to be peopling that take the time to see out your profile before following you. They’ll want to ascertain that there’s something worth following.

Make sure you have all of the following:

  • A complete profile.
  • A valuable feed.
3. Be Active & Engaged

Of course “be active and engaged” is that the favorite tip anyone gives in any social media tip post, but it really is critical to putting together a valuable following of real people.

Social media users are uninterested in link feeds. Commenting on and resharing the posts of others quickly demonstrates that you’re not a bot, which you’re present on the network.

Whenever possible, don’t just reshare someone else’s post, but add a remark on why you’re sharing it, and tag the first poster. On Twitter, do that using the Quote option when retweeting.

Being active within the social threads of others, especially influencers, also exposes your value to new people, and may gain you, followers, also.

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4. Post Opinions, Data, News & Trends

I’ve noticed that once I post something that gets widely reshared, I nearly always gain new followers. So I’ve paid careful attention over the years to the sorts of social media posts that get those shares.

Since this is often a business-oriented guide, I’ll leave aside memes and other silly content that certainly can get big reshares.

The sorts of posts that tend to extend your exposure and thus cause new followers to fall under these groups:

Opinions: Expressing a robust opinion about a problem that matters to your audience is often risky, but it also can gain tons of engagement, sharing, and exposure.

Data: People respond strongly to data that either backs up their beliefs or challenges them. They’ll share those things either way, and if you’re the originator of the info, and do so on a daily basis, they’ll want to follow you to not miss out. Christopher Penn is a superb example of the facility of a knowledge originator on social media.

 News and Trends: If you’ll become an honest source for breaking news important to your industry, people will want to follow you to not miss out on what’s happening. Barry Schwartz has created amazing opportunities for himself just by monitoring important sources within the search industry and being one among the primary to interrupt new stories.

5. Post Frequently, But Appropriately

The hardest truth about social media is that regardless of how popular you become if you stop posting and interesting you’ll be forgotten in no time.

You’ve needed to maintain a daily presence, but you furthermore may don’t want to overdo it.

I can’t offer you any hard rule of thumb for posting frequency, but generally post less frequently on networks where the newsfeed is heavily controlled by an algorithm (Facebook, LinkedIn) and more frequently where it’s more “real-time” (Twitter).

Over the years I’ve seen that the pace of gaining new followers tends to rise and fall with the ebb and flow of my posting regularity.

6. Rally Your Subscribers

If you’ve got an email list that you simply regularly send content to (and you should!), include your primary social media links in your newsletters. and each so often makes a special appeal for people to follow you there.

People who think enough of you and your content to open your emails will probably gladly follow you on social media.

7. Use Hashtags

I’ll admit that I don’t use hashtags as often as I probably should, but once I use the proper ones on networks where they’re valued (such as Twitter and Instagram) I often gain new followers.

Always look before you leap with a replacement hashtag. Look for it on the network and confirm it isn’t getting used for something you wouldn’t want your brand related to.

Tools like Ritetag can assist you to find the simplest hashtags for each of your posts.

8. Get Speaking Gigs & Interviews

Speaking at conferences and meetups, or being interviewed on a video show or podcast, can obviously be good for your career, but they also great ways to urge exposure to new people.

Best of all, the people at conferences and meetups are highly likely to be relevant to your business, and that they just got an honest taste of your value, so they’re highly motivated to follow you on social media.

Include your Twitter handle at rock bottom of your presentation slide decks, as long because the conference allows it.

I nearly always see a discernible bump in followers immediately after gigs like those. for instance, here’s my Twitter follower graph once I spoke at Mozcon, then later was the guest instructor on a Moz Whiteboard Friday video:

The same thing can happen from guest posting opportunities (such because the post you’re reading right now!). It’s a secure bet that a lot of readers who got something from this post will click through to my author profile and follow me via the social media links there.

9. Build Partnership Campaigns

Conferences, webinars, and guest posts are all effective ways to urge your expertise ahead of OPAs, but one among the simplest is thru partnership content and campaigns.

By that, I mean building relationships with non-competing companies that also have relevance to your business area then pitching to them ideas for joint content and social media campaigns. These work best when each partner has something to bring back the table.

Because each partner is going to be promoting the content to its own audience, each has the chance to realize new followers from the opposite.

Perhaps you’ve got some interesting data from your business that you simply could offer to a tool or analysis company in your vertical to supply a joint study.

Or, get even more creative, like Playboy and Red Bull did once they jointly produced a video of Red Bull-sponsored stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill jumping over Bunnies lounging around the pools at the Playboy Mansion. The resulting video got quite 5 million views.

The campaign was effective because it capitalized on the common denominator within the two brands’ images: exciting lifestyles

One Last Thing

The tips I’ve provided here aren’t “hacks.” They won’t necessarily magnify your social followings overnight.

However, these nine tactics will put you on a solid foundation and trajectory for long-term, sustained growth. More importantly, they’re going to offer you a following which will actually benefit you and your business.

Why invest time and energy in building a following for the other reason?