Keyword analysis, site assessment, competitor study, monitoring, track ranking. All these are the everyday activities of digital companies seeking to maximize the success of their customers in search engines. To make this process faster, simpler and more reliable, companies need the best SEO monitoring tools!

For many websites, search engines are the main source of traffic. As you know, the revenue of many companies depends directly on how they rate on Google. It is a very competitive area and business owners need to find a way to rank above their rivals. SEO tools can be your best friends as a digital agency to impress your customers and help them outstrip their competitors.

Top 10 SEO Monitoring Tools to Use

All the SEO resources say they are helping you boost your rankings. So, it is now time to make a decision. Which instruments will meet your needs? We carefully curated those tools listed below that thousands of decision-makers trusted.

1. Ahrefs

Feature Highlight: Ahrefs (Broken Backlinks) shows the 404 pages you have backlinks on. You can redirect these pages for quick wins.

Ahrefs is one of the industry’s most prestigious SEO monitoring tools. They provide tools to increase your search traffic research your competitors and monitor your niche. Ahrefs monitors more than 150 million keywords in the US alone (+ more than 150 countries).

 2. getSTAT

Feature Highlight: You’ll see every last step your competitors make with endless site monitoring and smart competitor analytics.

If you have getSTAT on your side, tracking thousands— even millions — of keywords in locations around the world is cost-effective and simple.

With all that fresh perspective, algorithm transition needn’t be scary. It provides the tests from local & mobile SERP wherever and whenever you need it. GetStat is an organization resource that manages huge amounts of queries.

GetStat provides you with very detailed SERP data and includes local and mobile searches.

3. Morning Score

Feature Highlight: Their approach based on “SEO Potential” differentiates them from many other SEO monitoring instruments.

It can help you estimate new client’s business value. Morning score tells you on a monthly basis the exact monetary value of your SEO effort–and whether the SEO investment makes sense or not. Comparing this with your competitors gives you a clear idea of your market share in the SEO Agency and how you are doing it.

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4. Ranking Coach

Feature Highlight: Ranking Coach provides you with small step-by-step tasks that can be used to execute the optimization easily on your own.

Ranking Coach is a program that guides you step-by-step through website optimization. These include things like entering search terms in metadata, or creating entries in directories on the Web. To show the customers these activities can be useful for digital agencies as continuous small wins.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Feature Highlight: Find temporary and permanent redirects, find redirect chains and loops, or upload a web migrations list of URLs to audit.

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that helps you to crawl the URLs of websites to evaluate and inspect technical and on-site SEO key elements. It is the only tool in our list to concentrate on the technical part of SEO. The Product of Screaming Frog has many free features to use. For years it is one of the main SEO monitoring tools, even with its old school interface.

Bookmark’s technical SEO checklist can influence you as an agency on how your customers work on the technical part of SEO.

Screaming Frog
6. SEMrush

Feature Highlight: Your site audit feature gives you the most accurate warnings and issues related to your website.

Only the handling of these tasks can significantly improve your performance. SEMrush is one of the industry’s most popular SEO monitoring tools. It provides an all-in-one solution for digital agencies that are always updated with new features. We’re one of SEMrush customers. So far, we’ve been pretty satisfied with the results!

7. SEOmonitor

Feature Highlight: Their monitoring task can help companies easily show consumers their performance.

It is not about characteristics. Its how they work together to create a superior measuring process that already differentiates hundreds of agencies. “SEOmonitor is a creative all-in-one SEO tool for tracking the performance of your client’s website. With the power of ease of use, they get to the forefront. Once you start using the SEO Monitor you’ll have more time to do other tasks.

8. SEO Audit Tool by Report Garden

Feature Highlight: Marketing agencies can track their SEO performance on a single dashboard, gaining unique insights.

The SEO Audit tool from Report Garden will help digital agencies create custom reports according to the needs of the clients. Backlinks and competitor data can be analyzed by agencies, SEO success with metrics identified, and keyword groups generated for each SEO campaign. Marketing agencies can track their SEO performance on a single dashboard with the assistance of Report Garden, and gain unique insights.

SEO Audit Tool by Report Garden
9. SEO Site Checkup

Human beings are not the only ones that need regular check-ups, they also require websites! The SEO Checkup Site provides instant, professional SEO Audits and Monitoring. With a relatively lower price than the other SEO surveillance tools, you definitely need to check their website. Their packages start with a minimum of 3 sites, and the “professional” package includes 15 website services.

10. Similar Web

Feature Highlight: Similar Web empowers you with the insights you need to win over your market.

It gives you global market intelligence through multi-device platforms to recognize, monitor and expand your digital market share. We can’t actually limit similar web as an SEO monitoring tool, though it can share the most in-depth insights for competitor research. If you have never tried this before, you’re not going to regret using it now. Several apps you can use for free

Similar Web
Why do you need the best SEO monitoring tools as a digital agency?
Trust & Popularity

They’ll expect reasonable answers to their questions starting with “how?” before you start working with a company.”. Before meeting you, most clients do some studying, and they already have know-how on SEO monitoring tools. If they trust you, and you explain the tools you are using well for them, they will understand the value of working with you. The resources will help you with your potential clients to seal the contract.


Precise data is critical to making effective marketing decisions. If the data isn’t correct, your efforts can waste a lot of time. So you should use the best tools to produce accurate data.

Agency needs and ease of use

With just a single Google search, you can find dozens of SEO tools in minutes. Even if you don’t have to look for it, they can find you with ads if you need them but some of these resources have been developed to be used for a single site by webmasters. The needs of the agencies are completely different. Just a few taps, you’ll need to track other websites.

The combination of agency experience and powerful SEO monitoring tools enables the best SEO campaigns. Your knowledge is not sufficient by itself, because SEO is a very time-consuming field of ongoing work. Don’t be afraid to try out new methods and tools for continuous progress!