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How would you boost your marketing plan in terms of content by 2020? Here are five easy and useful marketing patterns for content to pursue in the New Year. We welcomed 2020 and it is the perfect time to start thinking about the best way to sustain a positive plan for content marketing over the next 12 months.

Content Marketing Trends – 2020

There are several posts based on the current global trends, and how you can revolutionize your 2020 strategies. We’ve decided to go back to basics to review how simple tactics and trends that can improve your content success.

1.Concentrate on the experience

Increasing the frequency of your blogs isn’t enough to boost your content marketing performance. The challenge in a digital environment filled with new content is to stand out from your competitors. Focusing on experience is one positive way to achieve success. Your content should be important and insightful but the user experience should also be facilitated.

User experience is what term which refers to the position between the content website and even your plan to make sure your readers spend more time on posts.

There are several ways to improve your user experience:
  • Check your site’s mobile version
  • Aim for short paragraphs that are easy to read on your mobile
  • Increase your content’s “readability” by enabling your text to “breathe” with photos and subheadings
  • Evaluate your loading speed
  • Aim for flexibility

Not all improvements take too much time. What is important is to understand how, one step at a time, your team, your resources, and your processes will plan for enhanced content experiences in 2020

2. Include Visual data

Visual material will enhance the reading experience. This can also allow you to stand out by the key results. For example, infographics allow you to sum up your key points in a more visual manner. They can also help you improve your post’s “shareability.”Also, visual quotes will help you get your point across to the reader in a way that stands out. In addition, you can include videos in your content to provide an alternate medium for your story.

Another very useful idea in SaaS marketing is to use GIFs when speaking about your company. Your readers should find it easier to understand what you’re referring to.

The use of visual data in your content marketing will help you simplify complex ideas and we’re seeing more brands presenting their data using videos and GIFs.Visual storytelling is growing stronger, and playing with various formats is useful for figuring out what works best for your readers.

3) Write long-form content

There’s a daily online battle to grab somebody’s attention. Not everyone spends a lot of time on a page which pushes us to come up with new bite-sized content ideas. For many cases, this is definitely a positive solution but we do need to note that long-form content is not gone.

There are several explanations for producing long-form content in 2020:
  • Build trust with your readers
  • Go deep into the subjects you’re writing about
  • Showcase your writing style and your personality
  • Boost your SEO

The medium became popular as a forum that focuses on writing rather than a diversion. You will find great quality content and many authors are not afraid to go deeper into the subjects they cover. The Medium looked at their most popular posts to figure out that about 1600 words are the perfect blog post on their website, and it takes seven minutes to read it.

In addition, producing long-form content also aids in your search ranking. Long-form content lets you cover a subject in-depth that you would like to represent as the authority.

Not all the posts should be too long. But devoting some time each month to creating a few pieces of more than 1000 words is still a good idea.

4. Read your content out loud

An easy way to boost your content writing by 2020 is to start reading out loud your material. When writing content it is possible to get lost in your thoughts. It would seem to make sense to you might not actually do so to someone else.

All you write should sound normal. Start producing content that feels more conversational about “hacking” a more effective style of writing. When you start applying this concept to your marketing plan for content, you begin to realize that writing online shouldn’t be hard to understand. The aim is to make it simple and genuine for your readers to enjoy your content.

Reading your material out loud is driving you to study the way your message is communicated. This is a skill that helps you develop the reading experience along with your writing. When you intend on producing content for your customers next time, read it out loud before you post it. The difference it can make will surprise you.

5.Making your SEO smarter

It’s time for your 2020 search engine optimization to be better. How about dwelling on what counts to be more strategic with the SEO?

You can start with small changes which can have a long-term effect:
  • Stop concentrating on the most common keywords and start finding the long-tail keywords that can help you stand out.
  • Spend more time on enhancing your content rather than making sure you stuff it with your target keywords.
  • Invest in resources that can make SEO easier.
  • Start striving for position one in SERPs and explore different ways to stand out (e.g., visual ranking or featured snippets).

Write more conversational conent to improve the chances of inclusion in the snippets and question boxes featured

What’s next?
  • Not every trend in content marketing should be revolutionary. Even the smallest change can often lead to major success.
  • Look at the latest marketing plan for content, and what succeeded in 2019. Start investigating the places you want to boost and find little wins you can introduce.
  • Look at these five patterns as a starting point for practical improvements you can make to enhance the audience’s understanding of their needs.