Marketing strategies for twitter

The marketing world is a very competitive environment where advertisers are constantly fighting for a greater “piece of the pie.” It’s no wonder that as social media usage expands in every aspect of our lives, twitter marketing strategies is becoming more important and influential through those channels.

New marketing tools and techniques are constantly evolving and twitter marketing strategies is expected to be a $400 billion industry by 2021 according to study.

The past year has not been the best time for the social platform when it comes to twitter marketing strategies. Especially in 2016 and 2017, when they used the platform to spread bad press about the 2016 elections.

There was a lot of abuse and bullying present on the social media platform.

Nevertheless, Twitter reacted quickly and introduced several changes which improved the social platform’s situation. They addressed the problem of bullying and fake news which is a very good Twitter situation.

This makes the platform still important to every brand out there and a valuable marketing tool. There are some twitter marketing strategies that can be used specifically to promote a product and to interact with the customers.

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1. Use humor in your tweets

Brands that use satire in their tweets are retweeted, and much more people follow them than others. This is the case because using humor as a brand’s voice makes people eager to visit the Twitter page again and share the news with friends.

Examples of companies using this tactic include:

  • Wendy’s fast food chain; they use sarcastic comments when reacting to consumers who are responsible for a lot of Retweets.
  • Netflix’s mega-popular streaming service; they use clips from their original series and make jokes from inside.
  • Frequently Spirit Airlines makes light jokes on their Twitter account and puts a positive spin on stressful situations.
  • These are some of the instances where celebrities use satire to cause a huge reaction among their tweeter followers.
2. Keep up the creativity and visuals

Try to be as creative as possible while at the same time giving your customers personal responses as much as you can.

Being creative with your tweet content and the visuals can have a real impact on your reviews. Maintaining the same style on all tweets could become too repetitive. The use of graphics in your tweets makes it three times more likely for people to interact.

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3. Keep it personalized

When it comes to Twitter consumers want personalized answers. Customers want attention and are happy when they know the company is listening to them.

While there will always be a portion of customers who simply fish for refunds, there are valid complaints from most loyal customers. What these people need is a sign from the company that someone cares and is working on the issues at issue.

Twitter gives customers the ability to get a personalized response. In this way, you can also solve problems much faster which is why this is the preferred channel for many important brands to communicate with the customer base.

The following story about Morton’s Steakhouse and Peter Shankman was one example of a great personalized response that attracts a lot of attention. Peter tweeted to Morton’s Steakhouse that when his plane landed with a porterhouse steak he would like someone from the restaurant to meet him at Newark airport.

He did it jokingly, but a waiter from the steakhouse greeted him with the steak at the airport to his delight! The story blew up on Twitter and outside of the media platform, which meant a lot of positive Morton-related Steakhouse press.

4. Use hashtags property

We all know how effective hashtags are in making a fuss about a particular topic or event. Hashtags are often misused which causes this strategy to fail.

If you’re planning to include hashtags in the Twitter marketing strategies for your company, be sure you’re doing it the right way. You should have only keywords of hashtags or short phrases to put the emphasis on something important.

If a customer clicks on a hashtag, they can see other Tweets that include the word hashtagged. You can be included in a tweet anywhere, and it will be seen in Trending Topics if you’re imaginative and your hashtag light up the Twitter community.

These are just a few of the techniques that have been used in previous years but will continue to apply in 2020.

While the tactics are all more or less the same, what separates effective marketing campaigns from the others is the amount of creativity, innovation and commitment that businesses devote to their consumer base.